Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra Laptop Cooling Pad

Powerful fan








          Compact and portable



            • - USB ports
            • - 160 mm fan
            • - 70 CFM of airflow
            • - Adjustable fan speed settings
            • - Adjustable height settings


            Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2014:

            Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra Laptop Cooling Pad 

            The Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim is renowned for being the laptop cooler that a lot of computer aficionados use and recommend. It looks the part, with a wide base, a a narrow depth and a mesh surface, and its 160 mm fan can perform at around 1500 RPM. That’s pretty impressive. If you want to control the fan speed, it comes with a fine tuning knob, and the product also comes with its own USB ports so that you don’t have to use your laptop’s.

            The 160 mm fan is silent, so it’s great for those who are studying or working and need to focus and concentrate. And with it weighing in at only 1.5 lbs, it’s lightweight enough so that you can easily carry it around the house or slip into in your bag if you’re heading outdoors. It’s compact and designed to be used on the go. Yet despite its small and thin frame, it’s certainly powerful and sturdy and can generate up to 70 CFM of airflow that will help to cool your laptop down. And because the air flows through an ably designed mesh surface, there is a an improved chance of better heat displacement.

            Aside from the perforated mesh surface, there are also cooling vents down the sides and at the bottom.

            Though there is only one fan, it works incredibly well. If you are the type of computer user who regularly operates programmes that will invariably heat up your laptop quickly, such as video editing software, this fan will help to cool your laptop down, thus preventing overheating. Likewise, if you are a gamer and are having problems with your laptop constantly shutting itself down to save from overheating, this sturdy, portable cooling pad will save you from a mountain of frustration. It works to keep your computer around 8 degrees cooler.

            Moreover, because the cooler comes with adjustable fan speed settings, it’s perfect for those of us who don’t necessarily use exhaustive software that puts the strain on our laptop. You can power it gently when needed, saving energy.

            It comes with two adjustable height settings so that you can easily lift or lower it to the ideal typing/viewing position. There are also rubber feet on the back which mean that you can pull them out and prop the laptop up, or you can keep it flat. It depends how you work. It can comfortably fit laptops of sizes up to 17”. The product comes with a one year warranty, and the company provides free technical support, as well as replacement parts.

            When You Would Need A Laptop Cooling Pad:

            A laptop cooling pad has functional as well as comfort purposes. They help to prevent your laptop from overheating, but they also provide comfort and portability to the casual user. Some people remain critical of laptop coolers, but here is a look at a few reasons why you would perhaps look to invest in one:

            You Use Programmes That Put A Strain On Your CPU:

            If you are the kind of computer user who utilises software such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, you will probably be having trouble keeping your laptop cool and airy. Similarly, hardcore gamers will be experiencing the same problems. A laptop cooler assists the operation of your laptop and allows you to keep on using it by preventing the heat from building up. It helps to cool it down.

            It’s Summertime:

            Some critics suggest that a laptop cooler is not necessary, and that a computer user should be able to go on operating their laptops without spending money on a cooling device. But sometimes the elements go against us. In summer, temperatures around the world can escalate to an incredibly 45 degrees Celsius. If you spend your time in a room without air conditioning, there is a large chance that your laptop will quickly overheat.

            You Want Your Laptop A Little Higher:

            Most laptop coolers come with nifty rubber feet on the bottom that you can pull out, thereby elevating your laptop. They work in the same way as feet on a desktop keyboard – you can have the cooler flat, or you can lift it a little. This adjustable heigh settings means you are able to work at the angle/height that is best for you.

            Your Laptop Is Making Your Uncomfortably Hot:

            When we sit on our beds, chairs or sofas and type away on our laptops, we sometimes become uncomfortably hot due to the heat being emitted from the laptop. This heat can be irritable, and can lead to sweaty palms and a general feeling of annoyance. A laptop cooler can safeguard against such issues.

            You’re Worried About The Longevity Of Your Hard Drive:

            By keeping your laptop cool, you are preventing any damage being done to its internal hard drive.

            Your Laptop Is Old:

            Older laptops are well known for heating up quicker than newer ones. If your laptop is of a certain vintage, and you notice that it is getting decidedly warmer when you’re using it, it’s best to be on the safe side and invest in a cooling pad. It will preserve the lifespan of your machine.

            Types of Laptop Cooling Pads:

            Active Coolers:

            Active coolers use at least one fan – often multiple fans – to generate air into your laptop. The more fans there are, the smaller they tend to be. These types of coolers are often powered by an adapter, though they can also draw power from your laptop’s USB. More and more companies these days, however, are producing active cooler pads with their own in-built USB ports.

            Active cooler pads are not all the same and do not work according to the same methods. Some blow air into your laptop, whilst others suck air out of your machine in a bid to be effective. The cooler you buy will thus be dependent on the type of laptop you own.

            Active cooler pads are very popular because of their use of fans, and they are known to be extremely effective. Moreover, they also come with other features, such as cool lights that look great in the dark and rubber feet that help to elevate your laptop.

            Passive Coolers:

            Passive laptop cooler pads don’t use a fan to generate air. They cool your laptop without using any power, instead using an organic salt compound that is placed in their flat base to absorb the heat of your laptop. It’s certainly a refined, forward-thinking method, and it works incredibly well. In this way, the passive laptop cooling pad doesn’t need the use of an adapter or a USB port, making it ultra-convenient.

            Like the different kinds of active cooling pads, a passive cooler is only compatible with certain kinds of laptops. If you use a laptop that has fan vents at the bottom, a passive cooler will not only be redundant, but it will also cause your system to fail.

            Advantages of Laptop Cooling Pads:

            • They preserve the longevity of your laptop
            • They prevent your laptop from overheating
            • They create comfort for the user
            • Buy cooling down your laptop, it can boost its speed and performance
            • A cooling pad can elevate your laptop into a better viewable position for the user

            Top 5 Laptop Coolers:

            #1 Avantek 17” Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat

            laptop cooling pad

            First things first, this laptop cooling pad looks great. With dual spinning blue fans viewable through a perforated metal mesh, it looks like a DJs decking system, or a classic cassette tape. In this way, it’s simply perfect for those of us with a desire to look cool. The fans are lit up by Blue LEDs, so that they sparkle and illuminate in the dark. If your laptop already looks the part, it will look even better with this 17 inch cooling pad that will compliment it perfectly.

            Okay, it looks great, but what else? This cooling pad is essentially a funky accessory that is incredibly functional and fulfils a worthy purpose. If your laptop is suffering from heat issues, the Avantek cooling pad is essential. It minimises heat buildup and thereby preserves the life of your treasured laptop. Too much exposure to heat can damage your laptop’s internal hard drive; by using this product, you will be safeguarding against such potentialities.

            The dual blue LED fans are quite a size – 160 mm. They spin at a maximum of 1000 RPM, an impressive figure. Furthermore, they do it with little noise. It isn’t complete silence but it’s certainly minimal enough so as not to distract you from your work. And the blue LEDs themselves offer no distraction but instead add to the aesthetics of the product.

            Overall, this cooling pad aims to ‘enhance the cooling performance by up to 25%.’ That’s quite a figure, and it does it whilst being comfortable to use. It can support laptops up to 17” and comes with 2 adjustable height settings.

            #2 Cooler Master NotePal U2 2PLUS

            cooler master

            Cooler Master are known for their innovation and inventiveness. Not a company to sit still and wait around to see what the competition are getting up to, they make it their business to be the market leaders. And they do this whilst producing products at remarkably affordable prices. Their NotePal 2PLUS laptop cooling pad is a case in point. It comes with either 2 large fans or 3 (dependent on which model you choose to buy) that are configurable, meaning you can target your laptop’s hottest areas. Such optimisation is a hallmark of Cool Master.

            Because most laptop cooling pads tend to have rigid fans in the middle, they are restricted in that they can only target certain areas of your laptop. With these adjustable fans, you are airing the parts of your laptop that really need it. If you want your fans for set underneath your laptop’s vents, the Cooler Master NotePal 2PLUS allows you to do this. It could be argued that the fans here are not the most powerful, but by pinpointing the hottest areas of your laptop, you are getting the most out of them. You are maximising them and not wasting any energy.

            The surface is made from sand-blasted aluminium that is designed to last. It won’t bend, sag or suffer from wear and tear and is moreover comfortable to use. The product also has the ability to turn into a laptop carrying bag and it comes with legs that can increase the viewing/typing height of your laptop.

            #3 HAVIT FT2033 Super-slim Laptop Cooler

            HAVIT super slim laptop cooling

            Like the Avantek – featured above – Havit’s FT2033 rocks the classic tape cassette look that just oozes coolness. It comes with a super slim design that is aesthetically out of this world, and is compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. This also includes Apple Mac BookPro’s, Ultrabook’s and Notebook’s.

            The FT2033 comes with blue LED lights that brighten its quiet dual fans. The LEDs are a fine addition for those who appreciate them and for those who would see them as a distraction. Whilst they can’t be switched off whilst the cooling pad is in use, they are not too bright, meaning that they won’t hamper your focus and concentration. The LEDs also have another function – they help you to see how powerfully the fans are working, and when the lights come on, you know that the fans are working and the cooler is ready for action.

            The body is slim and slick, lightweight and portable. You can easily move it around the house and carry it in your bag if you’re taking it to college or work. Finely crafted, it not only looks great but performs efficiently in reducing the heat temperature of your laptop. It does this through the use of Powerful Motor Turbo Double Fans that blast air into your laptop.

            #4 Cooler Master NotePal U-LITE

            cooler master notePal u-lite cooling

            Cooler Master’s products are getting slicker, and their NotePal U-LITE is certainly no exception. With a sleek mesh surface protecting up to three hugely powerful fans, this is a high performance laptop cooling pad that can spin at around 1500 RPM. With a thin body that can easily be packed away in your bag, it supports laptops of sizes up to 15”. Even better for those who dislike blazing LED lights on their coolers, this comes without any.

            The uniqueness of this particular laptop cooling pad is the fact that it comes with three movable fans. You can choose to use one, two, or three fans at anyone time – it really depends how hot your laptop gets. This is a great option, as one of the complaints people have of cooling pads is that they are either too powerful or not powerful enough. Whether your laptop is overheating due to the software you are using – such as video editing programmes – or whether it is simply getting a little warm due its age, this versatile cooling pad is the right one for you.

            Moreover, the fans can be directed so that you only reach the areas of your laptop that you want to reach – the areas where the laptop is at its hottest. Rather than relying on a central fan, you have an option of three different positions. Like other cooling pads, it can also elevate your laptop so that you can prop it up into a position that is most comfortable for you. The fans are quiet, if not completely silent, and the body is sturdy and comes with an anti-slip holder.

            #5 Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat 

            Targus Saving Laptop 17 inch

            Targus’s space-saving mat is all about functionality. Its black and grey finish makes it seem a little dull, but it’s designed to be compact, purposeful, and comfortable to use. With this in mind, you can’t really go wrong if what you’re looking for is a well-priced laptop cooling pad that repeals heat from your laptop, cools you down at the same time, and moreover can keep you comfortable as you continue working.

            Targus are really selling the idea with this particular product that  the compactness of a laptop cooler is as important as how it sets about cooling down your machine. They state that ‘cooling is critical, but sacrificing space and comfort isn’t ideal.’ It isn’t, and it’s worth mentioning how incredibly light the Space Saving Chill Mat is. Furthermore, it draws its power from a USB situated on your laptop, which means it doesn’t come with its own (heavy) battery.

            It looks professional without capturing the imagination, it can accommodate laptops up to 17” in size, and it can be flattened so that it easily slips into your bag. It also comes with a neat lip that will stop your laptop sliding off and its dual fans work with enough power to keep even the most overworked laptop cool.

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