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Thermador CIT36XKB Masterpiece Series

Thermador CIT36XKB Masterpiece Series



    Energy efficient


      Revolutionary design







            • - Full-colour touch screen interface
            • - Booster setting
            • - Saveable temperature settings
            • - Speed Heating Function
            • - Programmable Timer


            Best Induction Cooktop 2014:

            GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

            Described as ‘the holy grail of induction cooktops’, and lauded as a ‘masterpiece’ by the company themselves, there is no denying that GE’s PHP960DMBB is one of a kind. There are no signs of the usual circular outlines on the cooktop to delineate where you should place your pans –  because you can place them anywhere. Indeed, viewed from above it looks like a flat screen television. But that’s what makes it so great – it’s effortlessly cool to look at. It’s sleek, it’s cutting edge. It’s a marvel in modern cooking technology.

            If you are new to induction – a revolutionary approach to cooking technology itself – you will soon have to brace yourself for a second revolution to get your spinning head around – the one being instigated by GE. They say they have ‘re-imagined the possibilities of induction cooking’ and by offering the first ever full-colour touch screen interface on their induction cooktop, it’s hard to argue with them.

            The full-colour touch screen interface is where you control your hobs. Once you’ve turned the power on and set your pan down on the cooktop area, a blue icon will light up indicating exactly where your pan is. From there on in, you can easily refer to the instruction manuals on how to proceed. It’s simple and incredibly effective.

            Because you can place your pots and pans anywhere on the surface area, the area chosen will automatically conform to the shape of the object placed upon it. Because of this, you are saving more energy than ever. Induction cooktops are already known for being energy efficient and wasting very little energy. But let’s say that your pans don’t always fit precisely the area they’re designated. With this product, the area fits your pan – meaning less energy is wasted. Once your pan is settled in an area, and you have selected its cooking time and temperature settings, the unit saves these programmed settings. So if you want to then move the pan to another area on the cooktop, you can do so without having to re-programme its settings.

            It also comes with a Booster setting that allows you to heat rapidly. And by that we mean rapidly. The Booster, as you would expect, is only to be used for short, sharp bursts – for example when you want to quickly bring water to the boil. It’s Speed Heating function has been described as cooking 50 times faster than conventional gas and electric cooktops. Conversely, the GE PHP960DMBB can also go extremely low with its power and gently simmer.

            It gives you the ability to select how long you want to heat a pot for by simply programming the unit. You can choose both the cooking time and the temperature setting. Everything is clarified and explained beautifully in the manual but it’s worth mentioning that when your cooking time is exhausted, the unit beeps. This gives you the chance to switch the power off, or add more time if you don’t think it’s done cooking.

            All in all, the GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36″ Black Electric is an expensive addition to any home. But we have to emphasise that it’s a worthy addition. It delivers excellent results, and it seeks to revolutionize cooking technology.

            Why You Should Buy An Induction Cooktop

            Despite its safety, power, portability and convenience, induction cooking has so far failed to catch on in America like it has in Europe. It’s been around for over 75 years, and for a lot of people the only real drawback to using an induction cooktop is that it isn’t compatible with most of their current cookware – but this is simply an excuse to go out and buy lots of brand spanking new cookware! Here are essential reasons why you would need an induction cooktop:

            They’re safer: 

            Induction cooktops are flameless so there is zero opportunity for your kitchen and its appliances to catch fire. This doesn’t mean that you should become a little more careless, of course, but a flameless cooktop is ultra convenient for those of us who have small children playing in the vicinity. Moreover, the stovetop stays cool so there is no chance of burning your fingers or hands. All the heat becomes condensed in the metal cooking vessel and because induction cooktops are incredibly savvy, they only use enough energy to heat up the vessel, meaning there is no ‘stray’ heat to go anywhere else.

            They’re adaptable and take up little space: 

            A quick google image search will show you how little space an induction cooktop will take up. They’re remarkably well-designed so that they are compact, and can be moved around easily. Rather than a huge gas oven taking up a large section of your kitchen (not to mention all the hassle that comes when it breaks down), an induction cooktop requires no more than 2” of depth. Furthermore, they’re easy to install.

            They’re portable:

            Induction cooktops are often portable and easy to move around the house. They can be plugged into any outlet and are perfect for when you’re entertaining – you can even take them outside.

            They’re powerful and heat quickly:

            Induction cooktops are well renowned for the incredible speeds at which they produce heat. They can boil water a third quicker than a gas cooktop can. Particularly in an age when people are busier than ever, induction cooktops save us time.

            They’re energy efficient:

            Traditional cooktops (electric and gas) waste around 60 percent of energy, whilst induction cooktops waste just ten.

            They’re easier to clean:

            Because they’re flameless, induction cooktops leave no grease behind. Because only the metal cooking vessel heats up, with the cooktop remaining cool, there is little chance of spilled food baking – and thus sticking crudely – on the surface.

            Types Of Induction Cooktops:

            Multi-Element Induction Cooktops:

            Multi-element induction cooktops have things in common with portable ones – they both have an electromagnet that heats them and they are both energy efficient – and they largely fulfil the same functions.

            But a multi-element cooktop has multiple elements that essentially comprise of the same functions found on a gas cooktop. These elements allow for speciality cookware and you can combine their power to create large cooking zones.

            They often come with at least four independent cooking surface areas, and their individual burners have ratings of up to 3600 watts with their cost typically ranging in the region of between $2,000 and $3,000.

            Buying a multi-element induction cooktop will undoubtedly come down to whether you need more than one burner. Ask yourself if you need two, three, four, or even five.

            Portable Induction Cooktops:

            Often described as a gadget owing to their size, Portable induction cooktops are less expensive than their multi-element counterparts. They are cooktops with a single element and their portability means they can be used anywhere around the house – even in the garden.

            With prices ranging from as low as $60, portable induction cooktops are certainly inexpensive, but they are handicapped by the fact that they can’t perform as many functions as a multi-element cooktop. But their USP is the very fact that they’re portable, and if you need something to take with you on a trip, of if you’re a student living in a dorm, a portable induction cooktop is the perfect companion.

            They are small and compact, lightweight and take up very little space. Rather than expanding your kitchen to make way for a new oven, a portable induction cooktop is the ultimate in convenience.

            Advantages of an Induction Cooktop:

            There has been something of a buzz recently about induction cooktops. Top restaurants are known to use them, as are cruise ships and so on. Whilst some people may be wary of straying from their tried and tested gas or electric hobbs which have served them so well for so many years, more and more people are being converted to induction heating. This may be through word of mouth, or it could be the case that some of us decide to take a chance on induction cooktops after wearing out our gas or stove cooktops.

            Here are some of the advantages:

            • Convenient
            • Portable
            • Safe to use
            • Quick at heating food
            • Energy efficient
            • Take up little space
            • Powerful
            • Multi-functional

            Top 5 Induction Cooktops:

            #1 Max Burton 6200 Deluxe


            Max Burton’s 6200 model makes for a slight improvement on their 6000 induction cooktop. The major difference is that the skin on the 6200 model is made from stainless steel rather than plastic – and stainless steel is a great heat conductor. Like the 6000 it can reach a powerful 1800-watts, but it starts from 500. All in all, there are 10 different power levels that you can select from. This is perfect for saving energy – you only use as much power as you need.

            Although it’s a portable induction cooktop, and therefore will not have as many elements or functions as a multi-element cooktop, it does have 10 temperature settings ranging from 140 to 450F, which is an unusually high amount for a product of its type. Moreover, it knocks the sports of a typical stove which may only have around three or four different temp settings. Even better, the temperature adjustment settings are easy and simple to use – push button style – and make cooking a joy.

            The 6200 comes with the welcome addition of 180 minute timer that automatically shutdowns when the time has runout, meaning you can guard against burnt food or destroyed cookware. It also has an overheat sensor for added convenience and safety. Such ‘safety’ implementations may seem overly excessive to some, but they’re particularly useful for those of us who can be a bit lax when it comes to cooking and keeping our eye on things!

            One of the problems people might have with the 6200 Deluxe is that, measuring at 13-2/7 by 12-1/2 by 2-3/5” it could be called fairly small, and may not be able to handle larger cookware that you have. Still, with a price of less than $100 it represents good value for money.

            #2 Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 


            Duxtop are one brand who have been producing top-quality induction cooktops for some time now; their products are known for their power, their reliability, their safety, and their control.

            Their 1800-watt portable induction cooktop is a great and inexpensive introduction to induction cooktops. Owing to its portability, it can used indoors and outdoors; it can be used for entertaining guests, and it can be even be used as a centrepiece for you table. It looks great and because it is so light and compact, it be handled easily and stored away without any hassle. It’s easy to move around your house; you simply plug into the nearest outlet, and with a cord that is 6 ft in length, you have plenty of room to manoeuvre.

            Like all Duxtop induction cooktops, it’s designed to save you energy. The energy it creates is supplied to the cooking vessel via a magnetic field, and its burners automatically adjust to the size of the cookware base you are heating. If the base is large, more energy will be emitted. If the base is small, less energy is used. Therefore, you can be sure that no energy will be going to waste.

            The power of this product is remarkable. It is worthy of praise but also should act as warning. For example, the heat it emits gets hot rapidly and should not be taken lightly; it can be easy to burn non-stick coating if you don’t keep your eye on things. The power that it heats at can catch people used to electric and gas cooktops by surprise. Such power is brilliant if you love stir fries!

            One of the limitations of an induction cooktop – and one of the reasons that people may be unwilling to start using them – is that they are not compatible with all your cookware. You cannot use glass or ceramics, solid copper of aluminium cookware. This product is compatible with all types of induction ready cookware, and moreover it is compatible with Duxtop’s own Whole-Clad premium cookware. Duxtop produce quality induction ready premium cookware for relatively inexpensive prices. So if you are low on induction ready cookware, Duxtop are on hand to help out.

            #3 Miele KM5753


            Miele are known for providing excellent customer service and quality control. For this reason, among others, they are an induction cooktop provider well worth including on this list. They are known for their reliability and pragmatism, rather than imagination and invention. Yet, as we’ll soon see, inventiveness is definitely on the Miele remit this year. But whilst their induction cooktops are not necessarily known for being the most powerful or versatile, you are definitely getting something that is durable and will last for a long time – which is more than you can say for a lot of brands out there.

            But what does it do? Well, you get four cooking zones, each of which has their own timer settings. These zones are aligned diagonally – and this is where Miele’s inventiveness comes in – as opposed to side-by-side. This is to give you extra space and arm room when working on four different pots at the same time. This is a nice touch. Moreover, you do get power. It can boil water almost two times as quickly as a gas cooktop.

            The product also solves other problems. A lot of induction cooktops have rims with horizontal surfaces that can be easily scratched. Miele recognised this issue and here provides an induction cooktop with a small stainless steel rim that doesn’t come with a horizontal surface – meaning no scratching! It also comes with a Booster function, child safety lock, and overheating protection.

            The Miele KM5753 is proof that the company is fast becoming a dominant force in the industry. It’s so responsive that it’s pretty much instant cooking. Miele uses fourth generation technology, which might not mean a lot to most people, but 4G is where mobile telecommunications is at right now. iPads et cetera. Miele use it to make their hobs perform better than their rivals. They’re a company that have their eyes firmly on the future.

            #4 Bosch NIT3065UC Black Electric Induction Cooktop


            Bosch’s NIT3055UC comes with four burners that can power up to 3600W. Whilst matching – and bettering – the heating power of traditional electric and gas cooktops, it comes with adjustable temperature settings, a SpeedBoost setting, and a built-in timer.

            Bosch’s NIT3055UC is a marked improvement on conventional cooktops that many of us are used to. When we think back to the times we hosted dinner parties, cooking for parties of up to 20 people, we may cringe at how difficult we found it to juggle the different temperature settings of the various dishes we had cooking at the same time. How awkward it was to fry one thing whilst boiling water and keeping an eye on our sauce – all at the same time! But with this induction cooktop from Bosch, such difficulties can now be avoided.

            With the Touch Control 300 series from Bosch, it is now easier than ever to keep an eye on temperature settings on each of your four burners. Furthermore, as though to announce its class, this induction cooktop allows you to preset each burner with their own individual countdown timer. In this way, they will automatically shut off once their time has ran down, meaning there will be no burnt dishes ruining your meals.

            With the company’s patented SpeedBoost function, you can boil water faster than before – twice as fast, in fact. An induction cooktop is known for heating water around a third quicker than an electric or gas cooktop, but this impressive piece of brilliance gives the you the chance to work even faster, saving yourself a lot of time.

            Finally, it’s worth mentioning how great this product looks. It’s sleek, slick, refined and will look every inch the part in any modern kitchen.

            #5 Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

            Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop

            The Frigidaire FPIC is for the multi-taskers. It’s versatile – coming with five different induction elements – durable, responsive, and it offers you the flexibility that many of its peers simply can’t match. It has fantastic temperature control, which allows for better accuracy than ever before, and it’s aesthetically easy on the eye, being sleek and blending seamlessly into your kitchen.

            This induction cooktop comes with 15 temperature settings. These settings go up to Power Boost which generates heat rapidly, so it’s perfect for chefs who are looking to save time. You can bring water to the boil in double quick time. The precise temperature settings are easy to adjust and they put you in greater control. You can easily keep an eye on all of your cooking at the same time, and as a safety measure, the temperature display flashes whenever you remove a pan from the cooktop.

            Because electric cooktops fail to keep a consistent temperature, the USP of Frigidaire’s FPIC really is their temperature control, which is a real improvement on previous products. You can simultaneously boil water and gently cook chocolate on separate settings without any worries that either will bake badly.

            For extra safety, there is also a nice little lock feature that will help to stop your children switching on the burner by mistake.

            All in all, the FPIC is energy efficient, modern, and quick and easy to use.

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