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Braun CruZer6 Face All-in-One Wet and Dry Styler and Trimmer

Braun CruZer6 Face All-in-One Wet and Dry Styler and Trimmer

Reputable brand


    Four different trimming lengths









            • - A styler
            • - A trimmer
            • - A shaver
            • - Precision comb
            • - Shaper tool


            Best Beard Trimmer of 2014

            Braun CruZer6 Face All-in-One Wet and Dry Styler and Trimmer

            Braun’s CruZer6 is perfect for men who are ready to perfect the art of self-grooming. It is a three-in-one – a styler, a trimmer and a shaver, and it can trim your bead to four different lengths – 1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6.6mm. It can do this within just a matter of minutes – and you can even shave in the shower, owing to its being waterproof.

            Braun are a big, recognised name who people trust. Here they have created an affordable beard trimmer that doesn’t shirk on quality. It can style your lines with precision, give you a smooth, clean shave, and define your edges. If you’re looking for something that bolsters your personal appeal, or if you simply want to get creative with your beard, the CruZer6 comes with a twistable trimmer exclusive to Braun that allows you to work on the finer details, making sure that you get the look you crave. The narrow trimmer also comes with with a precision comb that allows you to sculpt and fashion the smaller areas to how you want them, such as your moustache and sideburns. Moreover, it has a shaper tool that comes with a curved edge. This tool allows you to refine your look, to experiment with styles, and to create something entirely new and different.

            If you don’t wish to experiment with different styles, but simply want to maintain your regular beard length, the CruZer6 has four different trimming lengths, making it easy for you to swiftly and conveniently manage your facial hair and keep hold of your identity and unique look. It quickly trims your beard evenly, whether you go for the super short stubble look, or whether you have a more rugged, unkempt beard that needs to be kept in check. The CruZer6 can do it all and it comes with the added bonus of SmartFoil technology which manages hair growing in different directions. It shaves without irritating your skin, keeping you in comfort and looking good at all times.

            The product is also cordless, with a battery charging time of just 60 minutes, and can operate for 30 minutes. Its super quick charging time is perfect for those who want a quick shave. It can be used in the shower, making use of wet and dry technology, and you can also use it on your hair. If used in the shower, the added bonus is that it leaves no mess at all!

            When To Use A Beard Trimmer:

            You’re Growing A Beard

            It sounds simple enough, but if you’re growing a beard you’re going to need a beard trimmer to keep it looking good. If you instead choose to haphazardly hack at it now and then with a pair of scissors, you could easily end up looking like a caveman who has lost his way. Beard trimmers are practically designed for beard enthusiasts who want to perfect the way they look, and they come with adjustable length settings.

            You’re Sick of Wet Shaving

            Wet shaving can be bothersome, and it can take up a lot of our time. There is also the possibility that it can be bad for those of us who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, it could be that you’re tired of cutting yourself from shaving with those pesky razors. For those of us for whom time is of the essence, a beard trimmer works much quickly at getting the look we want, whether it’s a clean shave or maintaining our usual beard length. It is also better for sensitive skin sufferers, and reduces the chance of cuts suffered from shaving.

            Your Beard is too long for wet shaving

            Okay, so you’ve grown your beard too long and now you can’t shave it the way you usually do. There is the option of scissors, but they will rarely help you achieve the look you really want. They also can’t do clean shave very well. If your beard is looking too long and unkempt, a beard trimmer is the perfect tool for cutting it down to size – or eradicating it altogether. No hair is too long or strong for a good beard trimmer. Additionally, you will now have the chance to experiment with your style. Letting your beard grow longer is a good opportunity to take a look at what others are doing and see whether their styles would suit you.

            You Want To Experiment With Different Styles

            Okay, so you’ve decided that you do want to experiment with different styles. Beards are very popular at the moment, with trendsetters sporting various types. People are getting creative with how their face looks; it’s become something of a fashion accessory in itself. A beard trimmer allows you to experiment with your facial hair, shaping it the way you want, trying out different styles, defining edges and smoothing out lines. You can stylise your beard in ways that you just can’t with a wet shave. Depending on the quality of the beard trimmer you purchase, you will be able to sport a brand new, creative look that is dynamic and which you can maintain easily and regularly.

            Types of Beard Trimmers:


            A rotary beard trimmer comes with rotating heads that makes them able to access more difficult areas of the face, such as underneath the chin or underneath the jaw. Because the blades are spinning, they are able to catch the hairs and cut them off rapidly. Perfect for men with longer, more rugged beards, the rotary trimmer is best used once a week or so, as opposed to each day.


            With a foil trimmer, the blades are protected by a thin layer of metal which means that you can get away with shaving every day. If you have fine hair, and you want to remain clean, smoothly shaven, a foil trimmer is your best bet. They give close shaves, are useful for finely trimming sideburns, and are highly recommended for those of us with more sensitive skin.

            Advantages of a Beard Trimmer:

            • They often come with chambers that catch your hair clippings, thereby reducing the chance of any mess left behind
            • They make for a smoother shave, and work particularly well on sensitive skin
            • They allow you to experiment with different beard styles
            • They come with adjustable length settings so that it is easy to maintain your desired look
            • They will cost less in the long term than buying various disposable razors
            • They are perfect for thicker, coarser hair
            • They are often capable of tackling your head hair as well as your body hair

            Top 5 Beard Trimmers:

            # 1 Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer

             Philips BT9280/33 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

            Philips’ BT9285 is a little more on the expensive side than the other trimmers, but you’re really paying for quality. In fact,what you’re paying for is the eye-catching addition of Laser Precision Symmetry. This acts as a guide, providing you with a line to trace with your trimmer so that you know exactly where you should be cutting to get the look you want. It projects a red beam of light for more precision than ever before. It’s simply the best solution and product for those of us who wish to experiment with different looks.

            The trimmer comes with adjustable length settings (seventeen in total), and can go as short as 0.44 mm. It’s also equipped with a dual sided trimmer, with one sided being perfect for a quick, even trim, whilst the other is a wide precision trimmer that can get into those normally hard-to-trim places, such as underneath your nose. Moreover, its steel blades come with rounded tips so that your skin stays safe and irritation-free – and so that your shave can last for hours.

            It has great running power too, with the charged battery lasting for 60 minutes. The product comes with an LED display that tells you when you’re low on battery, and you can easily plug it in to the nearest power source and continue trimming away. It’s perfect for grooming all kinds of beards, long or short, rugged or neatly defined, and it’s also waterproof which is great for rinsing out all those hair clippings!

            The laser has been safety-tested and poses no risk to your eyes (though it’s advised not stare directly into it), and the box also comes with a beard comb, a cleaning brush and a user manual.

            #2 Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Beard Trimmer


            The Panasonic ER-GB40 is an all all-in-one, capable of trimming your beard as well as your head hair and body hair. It’s perfect for either wet or dry shaving and is waterproof, meaning you can rinse it out, clearing away all the head clippings quickly and efficiently. It also gives you the added bonus of using it in the shower, ultimately saving you time.

            This product is easy to operate. It does away with any technical glitches, with the adjustable length settings easily operated by a mechanical dial. No fuss involved. The length settings range from 1 mm to 10 mm, and there are 19 in total (5 more than previous Panasonic’s) with each one rendering accurately to the nearest 0.5 mm. Rendering to the closest 0.5 allows you to easily experiment with different lengths until you achieve the desired look.

            Its performance is an improvement on Panasonic’s previous trimmers, with the precision blades now cutting at a 45-degree angle, getting closer than ever to a more precise, pleasingly sharp trim. With the comb attachment it aims to trim hairs smoothly and comfortably rather than pull at them – a typical irk of many consumers of beard trimmers. The blades will need oiling now and then, something which is explained in the instruction manual. Oiling will help to preserve them and keep them as sharp as possible for as long as possible, whilst simultaneously making sure that your trimming experience remains smooth. Cleaning oil is provided.

            It’s cordless, giving you freedom operate it without restriction, comes with a rubberised grip for firmer handling, as well as a cleaning brush, 3 comb attachments and a stand that looks great.

            #3 Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300

            Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300

            Whilst this trimmer might not be as exciting as the previous Philips product featured at the top of this list, it’s certainly no vastly inferior twin. Useful as opposed to imaginative, it comes with maintenance free blades which means they always stay sharp without you having to oil them, and it has 18 easily adjustable length settings, ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm, making it perfect for any of us, whether we have short stubble or lengthier, tougher beards.

            It comes with a chamber that captures your hair clippings, though the only downside here is that the longer your beard is, the more the chamber may need emptying it whilst you shave. Still, it catches around 85% of hair clippings, so it’s a vast improvement. The chamber is also transparent, so you know exactly when it needs emptying.

            The highpoint of the product is probably the Contour Following Comb. This neat feature follows the curves of your face for extra precision and to make sure that you experience an even trim. It’s been designed by the Philips technicians so that it will cut the hairs close, cover all curves, and so that it hugs the skin rather than rubs. It’s a great evolutionary design from Philips and takes you closer to the perfect trimming experience.

            Overall, this particular trimmer is extremely functional and gets the job done. It might not have a lot of technical refinery, but with 18 adjustable length settings it’s still perfectly adequate. A real steal at the price.

            #4 Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor PRO Stubble Trimmer


            Mangroomer’s Scruff Sculptor certainly comes with a whimsical name and a look that has it resembling a television remote control. But this is not to say that it doesn’t come without quality. It can be operated at the touch of a few buttons, and you can trim as close as an incredible .03mm, a closeness that is hard to beat among its competitors. The length setting is easy to adjust; you simply operate the controls by pressing up or down, going as high as 5mm to maintain a longer beard look. You are helped with the length adjustment settings but an LCD screen that illuminates the numbers.

            One of the quirkier features of the Scruff Sculptor, besides a humorously named Whisker Belly that catches your hair clippings, is the Power Burst Button. Once pressed, you can create an ‘explosive burst of power’ that is designed to work at thicker, more unkempt hair that may be otherwise unresponsive.

            As the name might suggest, we could be forgiven for assuming that the Scruff Sculptor is aimed at those of us with coarser, wilder beards. Certainly, you can refine and maintain your scruff look, particularly with the self-sharpening blades that are included, but the product encourages you to achieve a designer stubble look, and with different comb lengths available, you are given the opportunity to experiment with different looks.

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